This report, published in 2019, summarizes and explains Mississippi First’s findings from a public opinion poll commissioned by the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board.

Overview of the Survey

In 2017, the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board (MCSAB) received a federal Charter Schools Program grant that required them to “sponsor an annual parent and general public survey” to “assess awareness, general sentiment, satisfaction levels, and concerns about charter schools.” In 2018, MCSAB contracted with Mississippi First to design and implement this survey. Mississippi First partnered with the Survey Research Lab at Mississippi State University (SRL) to finalize the survey questions and administer the survey via telephone in April and May 2019.

Report Highlights

Public Perception of Charter Schools in Mississippi describes our poll findings related to parent familiarity, knowledge, opinion, and satisfaction with Mississippi’s current charter schools. Report highlights include the following:

  • Parents in communities with charter schools are more likely to report familiarity with charter schools and be able to accurately identify them as public schools.
  • Parents most value their and their friends’ personal experience with charter schools and information directly from charter schools.
  • A large majority of parents in Mississippi charter school communities, regardless of whether their child attends a charter school, support charter schools and feel that charter schools have affected their community positively.

About the Author

Rachel Canter

Executive Director

Rachel Canter is the author of this report. She is the Executive Director of Mississippi First and author of additional Mississippi First reports, including Leaving Last in Line and the Keeping the Promise briefs. Rachel co-founded Mississippi First in 2008.

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