Pre-K is a founding issue for Mississippi First. Since 2010, we have published a variety of reports, one-pagers, and resources to educate stakeholders about pre-K in Mississippi.

State of Pre-K Series

We produce the State of Pre-K report every three years. It provides detailed information about pre-K access and quality in Mississippi. In the 2017 version of the report, we provided data and analysis of private, public, and early learning collaboratives.

Title I Pre-Kindergarten Preliminary Report

This report was the predecessor to Mississippi First’s ground-breaking State of Pre-K series. It examined school districts’ use of Title I dollars for pre-K.

Leaving Last Line

Mississippi First released Leaving Last in Line in 2012 to recommend a model for state-funded pre-K in Mississippi.

Pre-K Toolkits Series

The Pre-K Toolkit Series is intended to help communities understand how to launch different types of pre-K programs.

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