Individuals or corporations who make a contribution to support the local matching fund of an approved early learning collaborative may be eligible to receive a 1:1 state tax credit for the donated amount up to $1 million. The Mississippi Department of Revenue can approve 1:1 tax credits up to the amount the legislature appropriates to the Early Learning Collaborative Act each year.

Are you interested in taking advantage of the Early Learning Collaborative individual tax credit?

We created this pre-K tax credit information sheet and frequently asked questions to help you navigate the process.

Early Learning Collaboratives (ELCs)

Interested in donating to an ELC to receive the tax credit? The list includes all the current ELCs and their point-of-contact. Reach out to the point-of-contact to donate today!

Early Learning CollaborativeLocationPoint-of-Contact
Clarke County Early Learning PartnershipClarke CountyLacia Donald
Coahoma County Pre-K CollaborativeClarksdaleDr. Toya Matthews
Corinth-Alcorn-Prentiss Early Learning CollaborativeCorinthTanya Nelson
Lamar County Early Learning Collaborative,Lamar CountyTeresa Jenny
McComb Community Collaborative for Early Learning SuccessMcCombBetty Wilson
Monroe Early Learning CollaborativeMonroe CountyJennifer Calvert
Petal Early Learning CollaborativePicayuneDeDe Smith
Sunflower County Early Learning CollaborativeSunflower CountyLeigh Ann Reynolds
Tallahatchie Early Learning AllianceTallahatchie CountyLeigh Sargent
Starkville Oktibbeha Early Learning CollaborativeOktibbeha CountyEllen Goodman
Greenwood-Leflore County Early Learning CollaborativeLeflore CountyShemica S. Pitts
Grenada Early Learning CollaborativeGrenadaKim Ezelle
Cleveland Early Learning CollaborativeClevelandPatsy Clerk
Hattiesburg Early Learning CollaborativeHattiesburgHope Mikell
George County Early Learning CollaborativeGeorge CountyKristi Kirkwood
Marion County and Columbia Early Learning CollaborativeMarion CountyMichael Day
Lafayette-Oxford Early Learning CollaborativeOxfordTamara Hillmer