At Mississippi First, we lead change by advancing ideas through the public policy continuum. We are a leading voice for high-quality early education, high-quality public charter schools, access to highly effective teachers and leaders, and creating a future for public schools.

Early Education

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to ensuring quality as the program scales, protecting our gains, and deepening our work in the 0-5 space through childcare research and advocacy.

Public Charter Schools

We are dedicated to supporting charter school operators and the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board, creating the conditions for high-quality seat growth, including supporting new school incubation, access to facilities, new talent pipelines, quality initiatives, and advocacy.

Teachers & Leaders

In 2019, Mississippi First began our focus on improving Mississippi’s educator pipeline. We have expanded our effort to focus on supporting and advocating for policy solutions that will increase equitable access to quality teachers and leaders.

Future of Schools

Mississippi First believes now is the moment for policymakers to begin thinking about new ideas for public schools as we regain a new normal after the 2020 pandemic.