Our agenda is driven by what works—


Pre-K is one of the most effective educational interventions for children. Mississippi First wrote the law establishing state-funded pre-K and leads the effort to expand the program.

High-Quality Charter Schools

Mississippi First supports high-quality public charter schools. We work with charter schools, advocates, and the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board to implement the Mississippi Public Charter Schools Act of 2013.

Strong and Sensible Standards and Accountability

We believe that strong standards, commonsense testing policies, and transparent and fair accountability systems are foundational to educational success. We support policies that strengthen Mississippi’s system of standards and accountability.

NEW: Founded by former teachers, Mississippi First knows great teachers need high-quality instructional materials to do their best work. We raise awareness of high-quality curriculum through communications and advocacy.

Great Teachers & Leaders

We believe students need for a great teacher in every classroom and a great leader for every school and every district. We research the educator pipeline to find ways to increase the number of diverse, learner-ready teachers and leaders.