About Our Educator Pipeline Work

National research shows the most important in-school factor in a child’s education is the effectiveness of their classroom teacher. Current data show students in low-income schools are three times as likely to have an ineffective teacher as students in non-low-income schools. Mississippi First is embarking on a new project to increase the likelihood that all children have access to highly effective teachers.

To reach this goal, Mississippi First, working with the Mississippi Department of Education, will use data about the current pipeline to understand the barriers preventing teachers from both entering the profession and becoming as effective as possible. We will also seek to understand why effective teachers choose hard-to-staff areas and how to incentivize more effective teachers to follow this path. We will then develop a playbook of policy recommendations for Mississippi to pursue to increase the pipeline of highly effective teachers for all students.

In 2019, Mississippi First launched a research project to identify challenges and policy solutions related to strengthening our state’s educator pipeline. The research project will gather and review quantitative and qualitative data about the current pipeline in Mississippi, both pre-service and in-service, and will also review relevant national research, practices, and programs. The final report of our key findings and policy recommendations will be published in 2021.

As a vital component of our research, we recruited a Teacher Advisory Group (TAG). TAG consists of 12 teachers from across the state with a variety of training and professional experiences. TAG meets 4 times a year and will provide feedback to our team about our research plan, the design of stakeholder surveys and focus group questions, teacher pipeline data, and drafts and revisions of the final report.