Mississippi schools have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Every student now has access to a device, and the state is working to expand broadband access. These circumstances make it the right time for districts to establish a one-to-one technology initiative.

The value of integrating digital learning tools into the instructional programs of pre-K-12 schools is clear: when used correctly, these tools—everything from laptops and tablets to learning management systems—can foster innovation and improve communication. A strong one-to-one plan can build trust and demonstrate the district’s commitment to providing an interactive and individualized learning environment for all.

Inside the Guide

The guide is organized into eight steps, designed to meet districts where they are. For easy access, print this two-page checklist.

Appendix A: Samples

Appendix A includes sample acceptable use and device policies from different Mississippi school districts.

Appendix B: Communications Worksheet

Appendix B provides information and tools to help you develop a communications strategy for your one-to-one technology initiative.

Appendix C: List of Districts

Appendix C includes a list of Mississippi school districts that have one-to-one technology initiatives.