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Voices of the Shortage

In our previous report, Nothing in the Pipes, we explained how the rising cost of college attendance and the declining value of teaching salaries may be squeezing aspiring new teachers out of the pipeline. Building on that analysis, we surveyed 6,496 Mississippi teachers to establish the state’s most comprehensive resource for understanding the critical teacher shortage in Mississippi from teachers’ perspectives.

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Learning from the Moment

School districts have had to grapple with a host of new communications challenges this year. The best way to navigate the new school year is by learning best practices for communications from districts across the state.

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Establishing a One-to-One Technology Initiative

Mississippi schools have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Every student now has access to a device, and the state is working to expand broadband access. These circumstances make it the right time for districts to establish a one-to-one technology initiative. Mississippi First developed this guide as a roadmap to ensuring your district's technology program has a lasting legacy.

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