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Mississippi First is the state's foremost education policy nonprofit working to improve pre-K-12 public education.

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We are a leading voice for state-funded pre-K, high-quality public charter schools, strong and sensible standards and accountability policies, high-quality curriculum, and great teachers and leaders.

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As experts in our field, we share our knowledge and insights with policymakers and the public through publications, presentations, and briefings.

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Nothing in the Pipes: Educator Crisis in Mississippi

For too many years, Mississippi teachers have not been compensated for their hard work and dedication to our children. This is reflected in uncompetitive salaries and a lack of financial aid to earn the credential it takes to be an educator. Teachers are now leaving the state to teach, leaving the field of education, or deciding not to enter in the first place.

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Supporting Schools and Families During a Pandemic

In an effort to support school districts, families, and students we have compiled resources to help districts plan for re-opening and operating during the pandemic.

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A Year in Review: Annual Report 2020

This year has been like no other Mississippi First has faced. We entered 2020 excited about what the future would hold and then…the pandemic hit. Like everyone, we were left wondering what this global crisis would mean for our work, for schools, and for the health of Mississippians.

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