Envisioning Excellence for the Future of Schools

In our Future of Schools focus area, we expand our focus to families and school districts and further advocate the importance of access to quality education in Mississippi—a Mississippi first in education.

The pandemic in 2020 showcased the ways in which our education system serves many students poorly— even as the pandemic has accelerated some positive shifts, such as the availability of a computer for every K-12 child in Mississippi. Mississippi First believes now is the moment for policymakers to begin thinking about new ideas for public schools as we regain a new normal after the 2020 pandemic.

We created a policy vision that focuses on the best policy ideas for the future of schooling in Mississippi that we believe will support families, educators, and students while improving education.


We have always had the vision to support families in Mississippi through education. Because of the challenges families endured during the 2020 pandemic, our focus expanded. We provide ongoing support by providing resources and communications to families in times of need.

School Districts

In 2020, the global novel coronavirus pandemic changed how we see and approach education. Because of the nationwide shutdown, school districts were left with challenges of the pandemic and how to communicate about them—there was no roadmap. We created resources to help school district administrators and communicators in times of crisis.

Standards, Testing, & Accountability

High standards, aligned assessments, and transparent accountability are foundational to a high-performing public school system. Mississippi First has been a leading voice for adopting and supporting the implementation of Mississippi’s new framework for education.