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Rob Roberson


2024 Session

Amended by Senate; awaiting concurrence by House

Latest Action

On April 10, the Senate passed the amended version of HB 1450. The bill now awaits concurrence by the House.

Explanation of the Bill

House Bill 1450 would allow Mississippi to enter the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact (ITMC), which is an initiative that was created to ease the process of transferring a teaching license to another state. The ITMC took effect in 2023 upon the joining of the tenth member state. To date, at least eleven states have joined the ITMC. 

States have varying requirements for teacher certification, which can complicate teachers’ abilities to maintain their licenses when they move between states. The ITMC allows fully licensed teachers to transfer their licenses between member states without having to complete additional coursework or assessments. This can benefit teachers who move to a state that has different licensure requirements than their original state.

Mississippi already offers full licensure reciprocity to teachers who possess a valid, standard teaching license in another state. As such, HB 1450 would have little impact on teachers who move to Mississippi from another state. It could, however, make it easier for teachers to transfer their licenses from Mississippi to another ITMC member state.

3/7/24On March 7, the House passed HB 1450.
4/1/24On April 1, the Senate Education Committee passed HB 1450.
4/2/24On April 2, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed a strike-all amendment for HB 1450. The Senate Education Committee then passed the amended version of the bill. 

As amended, the bill is similar to the version passed by the House but includes additional language noting that provisions of the compact are only binding if consistent with Mississippi law. It also includes language stating that any fees associated with the compact will be subject to appropriation from the state legislature.
4/10/24On April 10, the Senate passed the amended version of HB 1450.