Angela Burks Hill


2024 Session

Approved by the Governor

Latest Action

On April 15, the Governor signed SB 2339 into law.

Explanation of the Bill

Senate Bill 2339 directs the State Board of Education to develop a curriculum for a course in sign language. Though the bill does not specify this, discussion on the Senate floor indicates that the specific course would be in American Sign Language (ASL). 

SB 2339 would allow such a course to count as a foreign language credit, which students are required to obtain in order to graduate high school.

3/6/24On March 6, the Senate passed SB 2339.
3/11/24On March 11, SB 2339 was referred to the House Education Committee.
3/27/24On March 24, the House Education Committee passed SB 2339.
4/4/24On April 4, the House passed SB 2339.
4/15/24On April 15, the Governor signed SB 2339 into law.