What are our priorities in this legislative session?

Mississippi First is dedicated to championing transformative policy solutions ensuring educational excellence for every Mississippi child. Our legislative priorities for the 2023 session are pre-K and early education and teachers and leaders.

The 2023 legislative session will run from Tuesday, January 3, 2023, until April 4, 2023. All general bills and constitutional amendments must be introduced by Jan. 16.

To see details about bills introduced this session and track their progress, check out our tracker below. Throughout the session, we update and provide an analysis of each bill we are tracking. The link to the analysis can be found with the corresponding bill.

Features of the Bill Tracker

View Bill Details One at a TimeTo expand a record to view each bill individually, place your cursor over the bill number and click, the individual record will open. You should see “expand record.”
Filter, Group, and Sort BillsOur Legislative Tracker allows viewers to sort and group content in the public view. To do this, use the filter, group, or sort tool in the toolbar above the bill list. The filter tool allows you to create conditions. The group and sort tool allows you to organize by column heading, like “Status” or “Issue Area.”
SearchYou can search by using the search tool located on the toolbar on the far righthand side. A magnified glass represents the search tool. You can type in a bill number or other text, and it will pull up the corresponding record/s.

Archived Legislative Trackers