Clarke County Early
Learning Partnership

The Clarke County Early Learning Partnership has two sites: Manual Goff Head Start and Quitman Lower Elementary School. It has served 745 four-year-olds since its founding in 2014.

Number of Classrooms in ELC


Students Served in 2022-2023


Number of Sites in ELC


“We are focused on building relationships with our community. We believe that a strong relationship between schools and families is key to the emotional and academic growth of our children.”

— Dixie McCollough, Early Learning Collaborative Coordinator of Quitman School District

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About Early Learning Collaboratives

Early learning collaboratives (ELCs) are comprised of school districts, local Head Starts, child care centers, and/or private or parochial schools. Collaboratives offer a high-quality, low- or no-cost pre-K option to families in Mississippi. ELCs are funded through state funds and local matching funds and are overseen by the Mississippi Department of Education.

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We know that kids who attend high-quality pre-K:

Enter kindergarten with stronger literacy, language, math, and social-emotional skills

Are less likely to need special education services, less likely to repeat grades, and more likely to graduate and enroll in college

See stronger employment opportunities and increased earning potential

Are less likely to commit juvenile and adult crimes