The press release was originally published by the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board.

JACKSON, MS–In 2017, the Mississippi Charter School Authorization Board (MCSAB) was awarded a federal Charter Schools Program grant, which requires the MCSAB to conduct an annual parent survey. For the past two years, MCSAB has contracted with Mississippi First to complete the survey.

The phone survey was conducted in June and July 2020 in communities where charter schools are approved to operate, including Jackson, Clarksdale, and Greenwood. Participants in the three locations were randomly drawn from one of the two-parent pools: charter parents and non-charter parents. The charter parent pool consisted of all parents with children enrolled in charter schools in 2019-2020. The non-charter parent pool included parents with children who were eligible to attend, but not yet attending, a charter school that year.

“We look forward to seeing the results of the parent satisfaction survey each year. And, again, this year, the results show a majority of all parents in charter school communities support charter schools, which is incredibly exciting and speaks to the exceptional work our school leaders and teachers are doing,” said Lisa Karmacharya, Executive Director of the Mississippi Charter School Authorizer Board.

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