In partnership with Mississippi Teach Plus, we are inviting all Mississippi teachers and teacher advocates to join us THIS WEEK and NEXT (thanks to Mother Nature’s winter storms we are adding another week!) in showing support for at least a $3,000 pay increase for Mississippi teachers. We are calling on the legislature to make a strong, explicit commitment for the 2021 raise to be the first step in a larger plan to raise teacher pay by $3,000 over the next two years.

Teachers shouldn’t have to make a financial sacrifice to educate our future. Teachers need a fair wage to continue the great work they do for our children everyday.

Senate Bill 2001 and House Bill 852CS each provide a uniform salary increase for teachers. Both call for an increase in base pay of $1,110 for teachers in years 1-3 as well as a $1,000 raise for teachers with three or more years of experience. House Bill 852CS calls for a $1,100 pay raise for assistant teachers, while Senate Bill 2001 calls for a $1,000 raise for assistant teachers.

A $1,000 raise—an extra $2.74 a day before taxes—will do little on its own to address Mississippi teachers’ comparatively low pay. Mississippi teachers deserve more; let’s keep going!

During February 15-26, we are asking you to contact your legislators in support of Mississippi teachers. You can call them, email them, write them a letter, or tag them on social media (Here is a 2021 contact list!). When you reach out, tell them:

  • A $1,500 raise each year for two years is an increase in teacher pay that reverses the decade-long slide in value caused by inflation and shows Mississippi is truly committed to boosting the status of teachers.
  • Teachers need at least a $3,000 pay increase to address financial instability and address the teacher shortage crisis. A one-year $1,000 raise is only a starting point.
  • Mississippi teachers deserve to be compensated fairly for their dedication to Mississippi’s future. Teachers are underpaid compared to teachers across our region as well as other people who hold bachelor’s degrees in Mississippi.
  • We believe the legislature should aim for a $1,500 raise each year for two years or a $1,000 raise each year for three years. We need to see a multi-year plan or commitment!

In an effort to make the Mississippi teacher pay raise viral this week and next, we have created some social media posts and resources to help you reach out to show your support for current and future Mississippi teachers in this fight for fair pay. Feel free to share and we look forward to “seeing you” online this week!

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